Leslie Feist Quits Arcade Fire Tour Because of Win Butler Alleged Misconduct (September 2022) Read Complete Details!

Leslie Feist Quits Arcade Fire Tour Because of Win Butler Alleged Misconduct

In the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler, Leslie Feist has stepped down as the opening act on their upcoming tour. In this article, we look at how the allegations have affected the band’s music and her mental health.

Leslie Feist quits opening slot for Arcade Fire

Leslie Feist has confirmed she is leaving the Arcade Fire tour as the opening act due to the recent allegations of sexual misconduct involving frontman Win Butler. Previously, Feist had been scheduled to open for the band in Glasgow’s OVO Hydro on Monday. However, due to recent developments, Feist has withdrawn from the tour, citing a lack of public support for the band. She explained that she was reading the same headlines as the public, which prompted her to step aside from the tour.

Feist’s decision to withdraw from the tour follows a lengthy statement posted on social media. She had been scheduled to open for Arcade Fire in 18 more cities across the U.S. as part of their tour, but after deciding to withdraw, the singer revealed that she would donate her merchandise sales to Women’s Aid.

Allegations of sexual misconduct against frontman Win Butler

Arcade Fire is a Canadian indie rock band whose songs have been played around the world. Originally from Montreal, the band has sold millions of albums and won the Grammy for Album of the Year. The band’s members are singer-guitarist Win Butler and singer-multi-instrumentalist Regine Chassagne. The band’s songs often deal with lost innocence and love.

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Butler’s frontman are ongoing and are related to three incidents involving women aged 18 and 23. In one case, a woman accused Butler of sexy texts to her after they had a drink together. The woman said she did not want the texts to be sent to her and that she told him to stop. Despite the accusations, Butler has denied any non-consensual sex.

Canadian singer-songwriter Leslie Feist has canceled her upcoming tour dates with Arcade Fire because of allegations of sexual misconduct against the band’s frontman, Win Butler. The accusations relate to the singer’s behavior in the past few years and have impacted the band’s touring plans. Leslie Feist, who performs as Leslie Feist, was an opening act for the band’s tour in Europe. She was scheduled to perform with the band until early October. She found out about the allegations when she read an article in Pitchfork magazine.

After learning about the allegations against Butler, Feist announced on social media that she would no longer be opening the band’s current tour. She said the band’s current frontman has “done the wrong thing.” The singer confirmed she would donate all the proceeds from her merchandise sales to Women’s Aid Ireland.

Impact on Arcade Fire’s music

Feist announced that she will not be joining Arcade Fire on tour this summer. The news follows an exposé by Pitchfork detailing three women’s claims of inappropriate interactions with the lead vocalist and instrumentalist of the band. The women alleged that the incidents happened when they were 18 to 23 years old. Butler has denied all the allegations, but he has also admitted to having relationships with the women who made the allegations.

Arcade Fire’s tour has been impacted by Feist’s decision to leave. While the singer said that she was deciding to step aside from the tour, she defended her decision. She said she was there to support her own music, but said finances were a factor in her decision. Moreover, three Canadian radio stations have pulled the band’s music from their playlists.

While Arcade Fire is currently on tour in Europe, the impact of Feist’s decision will be limited. The band’s European tour is scheduled to run until Oct. 1 and the North American tour is slated to run through December. Beck is on the tour as opener.

Feist’s decision to quit the Arcade Fire tour is a shock to the music industry. The musician allegedly met a woman who requested explicit videos from her. The women were both 20 and 23 at the time. The women said they were uncomfortable with the situation and decided to leave.

Mental health issues

Canadian singer Leslie Feist has cancelled her upcoming tour with Arcade Fire due to Win Butler’s alleged sexual misconduct. According to reports, Feist felt insecure dealing with the allegations and chose to step away from the tour. Arcade Fire has expressed their understanding and support for Feist’s decision.

There are a number of different allegations regarding Butler’s behavior. Three women have claimed that Butler harassed them on social media and repeatedly made sexual advances toward them. The women were both in their early twenties at the time of the alleged incidents. The women said the interactions were not consensual and were the result of a power dynamic.

Butler was a high-profile member of the band before his fall from grace. As a result, he reportedly suffered from depression and alcoholism. In his second statement, Butler acknowledged his past mental health issues and apologized for his behavior. The accusations have made the band’s tour a contentious issue and fans are calling for a cancellation.

The Arcade Fire singer has admitted to having relationships outside his marriage with Regine Chassagne. The singer claims that all of these relationships were consensual. However, many fans have called for refunds after purchasing tickets to the band’s UK tour. Despite the accusations, the band has not yet decided to cancel the tour or issue refunds.

Childhood abuse

After a series of allegations, Irish singer Feist has announced her departure from the upcoming European leg of Arcade Fire’s “We” tour. The allegations come after Win Butler admitted to having extramarital affairs. However, he maintains that all of the interactions were consensual. Feist is also donating all merch sales to Women’s Aid Dublin, a group that aims to combat domestic violence in Ireland.

Arcade Fire was taken off the radio after the accusations, and commentators called for concert boycotts. Afterwards, the band’s publicist said that only the band would go on tour to promote its new album. The allegations are based on an article published by Pitchfork, in which Butler acknowledged having sexual intercourse with four women, and said that they were all consensual.

The Canadian music radio station CBC has halted airplay of Arcade Fire’s music until an investigation is completed. Another major Canadian radio station, Indie88, has withdrawn their playlist until the matter is resolved. Feist had previously announced plans to perform with Arcade Fire on 18 more U.K. and E.U. dates, including the Torwar Festival in Warsaw, Poland. The band will also be joined by Beck as a special guest for the group’s 16-date North American leg, which begins in Washington, D.C. and continues to Toronto.

The allegations allege that the singer engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with four women in the months between 2016 and 2020. The women accused Butler of sending them unsolicited sexual images, showing up at their apartments, and making unwanted sexual advances. In one case, Butler also allegedly put his hands inside the victim’s pants during a car ride.

Canadian radio station pulls Arcade Fire’s music

After allegations of sexual misconduct against band member Win Butler, some Canadian radio stations have pulled their music from rotation. Indie88, CBC Music, and CIND-FM in Toronto have all announced that they will no longer play the band’s music. However, the radio stations have not stated whether their decision will be permanent.

The allegations against Win Butler have led some radio stations to stop playing Arcade Fire’s music. The radio stations’ actions come in the wake of allegations that Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler sexually assaulted four women. Although the allegations have not been proven in court, some radio broadcasters have said that they will not play the band’s music until they can investigate the claims. Arcade Fire, meanwhile, have continued their world tour despite the accusations.

The move came after a New York music magazine published allegations against the band. According to the magazine, Win Butler abused women during their teenage years. The allegations against the band were reported by Pitchfork, a music publication. While Pitchfork could not independently verify the claims against the band, it criticized a few of the radio stations for playing the band’s music.

Arcade Fire’s WE tour continues in Dublin today. Feist is scheduled to open the show. Ticket proceeds for the show will be donated to Women’s Aid Dublin. However, Feist has yet to publicly address the allegations made against her. She has also been quiet on social media since early May.

Far reaching developments are going to occur over at Arcade Fire, the Canadian independent musical gang who burst into the standard with widely praised discharges like “Neon Bible” and “The Suburbs.” Feist (also known as Leslie Feist) declared her choice to stop her job as the initial represent the band during the “We” 2022 visit. The visit started off on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022, three days after Pitchfork distributed a confession on Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler’s supposed sexual unfortunate behavior.

For what reason did Feist leave the Arcade Fire visit? She shared her thinking on Instagram.

Feist, who proceeds as an independent craftsman and an individual from Broken Social Scene, declared her choice to stop working with Arcade Fire on the “We” 2022 visit, a four-month show series with areas going from Glasgow’s OVO Hydro to Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, by means of an Instagram post. Feist affirmed in the post that she eventually chose to stop the gig on account of the most recent charges made by four distinct individuals against Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler.

“To remain on visit would represent I was either guarding or disregarding the damage brought about by Win and to leave would suggest that I was the appointed authority and jury,” Feist composed. “I was never here to represent or with Arcade Fire. I was here to take care of myself on a phase, a spot I’ve developed to feel I have a place and I’ve procured as my own.”

“My encounters incorporate similar encounters as the many individuals I have addressed since the news broke on Saturday, and the numerous outsiders whom I may simply have the option to reach with this letter, or not the least bit,” she added. “We as a whole include a story inside a range going from pattern poisonous manliness to unavoidable sexism to really being truly, mentally, sincerely or physically attacked.”

“This present circumstance contacts every one of our lives and addresses us in a language exceptional to every one of our handling,” she composed. “There is certainly not a particular way to recuperate when you’ve gotten through any variant of the abovementioned, nor a solitary way to restore the culprits. It tends to be a forlorn street to figure out sick therapy. I can’t tackle that by stopping, and I can’t address it by remaining. However, I can’t proceed.”

Win Butler as of now faces sexual wrongdoing claims made by four unique individuals.

Three ladies say they had sexual collaborations with Win that were portrayed by hurtful power elements. They say the associations happened somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2020, when they were matured somewhere in the range of 18 and 23, through Pitchfork. Win was in his late thirties at that point. A fourth individual who utilizes they/them pronouns says that Win physically attacked them two times.

“While these connections were all consensual, I am exceptionally sorry to any individual who I have harmed with my way of behaving,” Win partook in a proclamation. “I f- – – ed up, and keeping in mind that not a reason, I will keep on looking forward and mend what can be recuperated, and gain from previous encounters.”

In the event that you want support, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or visit to talk online one-on-one with a help expert whenever.

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