Who is Erik Grankvist (September 2022) Complete Details!

Who is Erik Grankvist (September 2022) Complete Details!

This article tells the story of Erik Grankvist, a Swedish YouTube sensation and self-taught logger who built a log cabin using traditional hand tools and the materials available in the Swedish wilderness. You will also learn about his life and family, and learn about his YouTube channel.

Nothing feels improved than carrying on with an existence of opportunity and isolation far separated from the feverish buzz of the city and rural areas. Step by step, you could have seen numerous YouTubers making their log lodge and able to dwell off-network in the normal environmental elements. Assuming this is the case, you could know Who Eric Grankvist is and you could have caught wind of Erik Grankvist Cabin.

All things considered, Erik Grankvist, a youthful fellow had a fantasy about having his endurance in the forest and the wilds. He needed to fabricate his log lodge and when he gave his hands a shot at it, he had no data or experience on the way things were to be finished. In any case, he gained the cycle from his granddad and now that he is liberated from his examinations, he shoots recordings and makes spectacular substance for his watchers.

Who is Erik Grankvist?

At present dwelling in Sweden, Erik Grankvist is an experience vlogger. He stepped on YouTube in September 2012 and since his channel has seen colossal development. At 18 years old, Erik chose to live off-lattice in his own and self-made “Erik Grankvist Cabin”.

In spite of the fact that he had no earlier information on social occasion materials in the wild and afterward fabricating an off-matrix cover, he gradually picked up everything, and his maternal granddad Ake Nilsson assumed an immense part in it. In the wake of graduating secondary school in 2019, he records his recordings all alone and afterward alters them without anyone else.

Erik Grankvist has been famous since he was 18. It was then he chose to gather a pack loaded with instruments and gear and hurry into the forest to have an existence around there. He generally longed for building a log lodge for him and in the end he is seen getting fruitful in his endeavors of doing as such.

Erik Grankvist’s YouTube channel

A video of Erik Grankvist harvesting wood has over 33 million views and has earned him over 600,000 YouTube subscribers. The video also features Grankvist’s family, who gave him the skills needed to succeed. The video captures the story of Grankvist’s transition from teenager to adult and shows how hard he has worked.

As a child, Erik Grankvist dreamed of living in a log cabin. He went out into the forest and learned about gathering wood and building a cabin. He used simple tools to make the logs and did not rely on expensive machinery. He also did all of the chopping himself.

Erik Grankvist’s YouTube channel is inspiring for many reasons. For example, he built a log cabin in the woods at the age of 18. He used traditional hand tools and his own strength to build his cabin. He then filmed the entire process for his YouTube channel. His videos are a great source of information for anyone who loves the outdoors.

As of 2017, Erik Grankvist’s YouTube channel has over 879K subscribers. In addition, he has over 105 million views. His videos have received donations for building a log cabin and have gotten him $530,000 a year. While some may be skeptical about the effectiveness of crowdfunding for a YouTube channel, Grankvist is a great example of how a YouTube channel can make you money.

His log cabin

Using only simple tools and no experience, Erik Grankvist built a log cabin on his own in the woods. From laying the foundation to stacking logs, he built his home from the ground up. His journey was documented on his YouTube channel. Grankvist is a perfectionist, and it’s impressive to watch him succeed in seemingly impossible tasks.

The Swedish filmmaker and photographer Erik Grankvist started building his log cabin at an early age, using traditional hand tools and his own strength to build it. He used materials available in the Swedish wilderness and filmed the entire construction process to share with others. Now, he lives alone in the cabin and enjoys peace and solitude in this natural habitat.

Although Erik Grankvist had no prior experience gathering materials from nature, his teacher Ake Nilsson played a huge role in his learning process. He has since graduated high school and is now gaining fame on YouTube. His videos are self-produced and edited by Erik. Since his YouTube channel started in 2013, Erik Grankvist has won the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

The videos show the transformation of the log cabin from an empty field to a permanent home. Through the videos, the viewer can also see the change in Grankvist himself. The teenager he was when the project began is barely recognizable, and his physical growth proves his dedication and hard work.

His family

If you’re interested in building a log cabin, you might be interested to learn more about the family of adventure vlogger Erik Grankvist. This young man grew up in Sweden and started vlogging in September 2012. His family lives in an off-grid cabin they built themselves, which they call Erik Grankvist’s Cabin. After graduating high school, Grankvist began recording his videos on a laptop and editing them himself.

The Grankvist family is very supportive of Erik’s journey. They helped him with the dirty laundry before he left for his big adventure, and they provided him with the skills and knowledge he needed to succeed. His first YouTube video was an instant hit, and since then, his channel has grown.

The log cabin he built as a teenager is now a place for him to enjoy solitude and peace. He learned the process while building it and gained experience doing it. As a result, he and his family can spend quality time together without the distractions of city life. And with his support and the help of his family, Erik Grankvist shares his true story with viewers. You’ll be inspired by his story.

Although Erik Grankvist has been a hit on YouTube since his early twenties, his story is a true story of self-reliance. He was inspired to build a log cabin by his maternal grandfather, who taught him how to build log cabins. In order to build a log cabin, Erik began by cutting wood by hand with only a pickaxe and a hammer. His family was so supportive of him, they were more than willing to help him financially. He is now able to earn $530,000 a year from his YouTube channel.

Aside from living in a log cabin, Erik has also set up a small solar power system. His log cabin is a perfect example of self-reliance and living in a wilderness setting. The Grankvist family has been living in the log cabin since the day he built it. They have also been creating amazing videos about their life.

His career

Erik Grankvist’s career has taken off thanks to a viral video he created and uploaded to YouTube. The video has received over 33 million views, and his YouTube channel now has over 600,000 subscribers. This success has been possible thanks to his determination, hard work, and support from family and friends.

Grankvist, from Sweden, has been creating adventure videos for YouTube for nearly four years. He started his channel in September 2012 and created the Erik Grankvist Cabin series. At first, Erik had no idea how to build an off-grid shelter, so he enlisted the help of a friend, Ake Nilsson, who taught him. He began recording the videos on his laptop after graduating from high school, and he edits all of his videos himself.

In his YouTube channel, Grankvist documents his journey to build the log cabin in the Swedish wilderness. He started with simple hand tools, physical strength, and materials found in the Swedish wilderness. His videos document the entire process, including cutting wood and stacking them in layers. It is fascinating to watch, and viewers will be riveted watching him cut wood.

Like The Primitive Technology fellow, Erik Grankvist wanted to plan a log lodge for himself. Following his fantasy, he put his foot forward into the timberlands and wild of Sweden, and amazingly, in his most memorable YouTube video, he doesn’t actually utilize progressed devices or hardware. He is seen cutting and hacking wood without anyone else and it has grabbed the highest level of eye of the watchers.

Erik Grankvist has gradually turned into a fussbudget in building a log lodge and getting through in the forest. This, however the fellow has likewise set up a little sun oriented power framework to guarantee the power supply in his off-lattice lodge. Erik has set a genuine model that the sky is the limit assuming one has the longing to accomplish it. Since he has effectively settled his log lodge, Erik has been living in it and making astonishing recordings for us to watch.

Erik Grankvist Family

Living in the forest doesn’t imply that Erik Grankvist has removed his loved ones. Truth be told, his family upholds him now and again when things turn sour. Likewise, we realize that it was his maternal granddad who showed him how to fabricate a log lodge. Along these lines, since Erik Grankvist chose to follow his fantasies, his family has been helping him out with everything. Be it clothing or helping him by educating, his family has been there generally.

The amount Does Erik Grankvist Earn?

Aside from his profit by means of YouTube, Erik Grankvist requests gifts from individuals to construct his log lodge or to place the cash into comparative use. In this way, keeping that recurring, automated revenue to the side, Erik Grankvist can create a pay of $530,000 each year.

A significant advancement came in 2019 after Erik finished his secondary school graduation and transferred a video on his channel. That video was a success and it has massively expanded the quantity of supporters and the quantity of perspectives on Erik’s YouTube channel. As of now, he has 879K supporters with almost 295K perspectives on his channel consistently.

Erik Grankvist Best Videos

Erik’s fantasy has brought about making ponders in his life. It was consistent help from his family and his assurance to fabricate his lodge that has now made him sufficiently famous to procure a total assets of 530,000 bucks consistently. Following is a rundown of probably the best recordings by Erik Grankvist-

  • Two Years Alone in Forest-Building Log Cabin Like Our Forefathers
  • Building Roof Structure For Log Cabin
  • Archaic Log Cabin DooZ
  • Natural Swedish Log Cabin
  • Building Log Cabin Roof Alone in the Forests of Sweden


Erik Grankvist has been fruitful in his endeavor of building a log lodge as a teen. Since he has taken simultaneously and he has acquired aptitude in it, he can advantageously appreciate life in isolation and comfort.

Despite the fact that he faces inconvenience now and again, he has his family to help him generally. Erik generally attempts to impart his actual encounters to his watchers and he is a motivation that achievements can be accomplished assuming you are devoted to your objective.

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