5 Best Cloudflare Alternatives for a Faster and Secure Website

Cloudflare is a global network designed to secure your websites and APIs. It makes everything you connect to the Internet fast, secure, private, and reliable.

It is one of the leading content delivery networks (CDNs) in the whole world. However, not all networks are suited for everyone. In addition to considering different CDNs, you should also pay attention to the security of your WordPress site.

Plugins like WP Force SSL and WP Login LockDown can add an extra layer of security by forcing SSL and limiting login attempts. So, if you are looking for Cloudflare alternatives that will make your website fast and secure, you have come to the right place.

Without further ado, here is the list of the 5 best Cloudflare alternatives out there.

1. Imperva

This Cloudflare alternative provides DDoS protection, load balancing, and failover services.

Imperva is a cloud-based security platform perfect for blogs and websites.

It comes with a bot-recognition feature that helps you in the case of layer 7 attackers that make malicious traffic hard to detect.

It aims to protect structures like FTP and email and comes with an extra layer of DDoS protection.

The “IncapRules” feature provides access to a whole host of tools. These tools will help you analyze critical information about incoming traffic like location, headers, client type, and access rates.

2. Akamai

Akamai is one of the biggest, most popular CDNs and cloud service providers. It is believed to serve up to 30 percent of all web traffic. It’s packed with powerful features and offers top-notch security against DDoS attacks.

It features the “Kona Site Defender” service that can help you offload your security monitoring and threat protection to Akamai.

This service provider is fully customizable and lets users monitor and make real-time changes. You can also optimize content delivery speed.

3. Fastly

Fastly offers many services, including instant purging, configuration updates, and real-time log streaming. It lets you cache dynamic content, provides insightful analytics, and protects you from traffic spikes.

It comes with streaming media delivery, a Web Application Firewall, a private CDN, an image Optimizer, and a load Balancer.

The real-time CDN feature lets any modifications happen instantly.

The Fastly web app and API security will protect your website against all malicious attacks, bots, account takeovers, and more. It also lets you use add-ons to optimize your website.

4. CDN77

CDN77 is highly-rated and is built to fit your requirements.

It is made to handle traffic of large volume and any unexpected spikes.

It optimizes network routing via real-time packet inspection and AI-based aberration detection technology.

CDN77 comes with automatic detection and blocking mechanism and a proprietary Hurricane DDoS solution.

It helps monitor traffic, keeps track of attacks, and blocks them.

It offers seamless integration with any business.

It is trusted by big companies like Avast, ESL, and many more.

5. Microsoft Azure

This alternative delivers high-bandwidth content and excels in accelerating dynamic content.

It helps you cache static objects with the closest point of presence.

It can leverage multiple networks and has efficient routing optimizations.

Microsoft Azure can handle high loads and ensures that high traffic doesn’t slow or bring down your site.

It is an absolute must-have when it comes to customization.

You can create custom mobile experiences and fine-tune CDN service to your preference.

Final Words

As a business owner, security should be your top priority, and these Cloudflare alternatives will help secure your websites and make them faster.

They are packed with 1st class features, all you have to do is pick the alternative that best fits your needs.

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