All Apex Legends Mobile maps (August 2022) Latest Updates!

The new Season of Apex Legends Mobile is here, and players will get to see a pristine portable restrictive Legend joining the program. Alongside that, Kings Canyon, one of the most famous guides has advanced into the game. Essentially, Pythas Block O, another Team Deathmatch map was likewise added to the game. Normally, players are curious about these guides, and here’s beginning and end you want to be aware of the multitude of guides in Apex Legends Mobile.

All Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale Maps

Kings Canyon

Lords Canyon, one of the fan-most loved maps from the PC and Console adaptation, was added to Apex Legends Mobile. The Distortion-themed changes are likewise coming to plan in Season 2, and it is known as Encore Galore highlighting the Rhapsody town takeover. This rendition of the Kings Canyon map additionally includes notable POIs like Water Treatment, The Pit, Airbase, Skull Town, Thunder Dome, Slum Lake, and Repulsor.

World’s Edge

World’s Edge was the absolute first Battle Royale map added to Apex Legends Mobile. In spite of the fact that it will not be accessible toward the beginning of Season 2, fans can anticipate that this guide should get back to the game soon enough. The Climatizer POI was added during the Cold Snap occasion, and players can anticipate that this should be a long-lasting area on the guide.

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All Apex Legends Mobile Team Deathmatch Maps


Despite the fact that Overflow is the most well known Arenas map in Apex Legends PC/console, in the Mobile form players will get this guide in Team Deathmatch. Intended to energize group based strategic surges, this guide is especially well known for its magma themed structures. Groups start the game at far edges of the guide, and the activity generally spins around the Supply Bins and Crafting Materials region.


Market is one of the POIs from Kings Canyon, and it includes a long-deserted retail outlet. This guide urges players to take part nearby other people battle, and it is ideal for Legends with development and recon capacities.

Pythas Block 0

Pythas Block 0 is the main portable restrictive guide in Apex Legends Mobile. This is a corporate grounds possessed by Pythas Inc, and it sits high over the city of Kómma on Solace. Fans got to see looks at this new guide during the authority trailer for Rhapsody, and it will be intriguing to perceive how groups perform on Pythas Block 0.

All Apex Legends Mobile Hack Maps

Skull Town

Skull Town is the most well known POI from the Kings Canyon guide, and it is included the Hack mode for Apex Legends Mobile. In This game mode, players should introduce the Torch and actuate the ADS satellite weapon to annihilate the objectives. While this guide is brimming with structures, you can get on top of the houses effectively to get a superior perspective on the foes.

Sorting Factory

Arranging Factory is a POI from World’s Edge, and this is likewise in revolution for the Hack mode in Apex Legends Mobile. This guide likewise has a couple of structures, yet there is sufficient open space to create some distance from the rivals rapidly.

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