All You Know About the Royal Family’s Annual Ghillies Ball at Balmoral (August 2022) Read Some More Interesting Facts!

All You Know About the Royal Family Annual Ghillies Ball at Balmoral

If you’ve been following the Queen’s life, you’ll know about the famous annual Ghillies Ball at Balmoral. But did you know that the royal family does not attend the Ghillies Ball anymore? Why are events at Balmoral cancelled? There are several reasons, including social distancing restrictions, the Queen’s health, and cost. Let’s take a look.

Ghillies Ball

If you’re not familiar with the Ghillies Ball, then you are missing out. The famous Balmoral castle in Scotland is the venue for this private event, hosted by the Queen each year. It’s a time when the Royal Family celebrates the past year’s achievements, including a visit to the Scottish Highland Games. The royal couple celebrates the occasion by attending this ball.

The Queen used to spend the first week of summer at Balmoral at the seven-bedroom Craigowan Lodge, which is just a mile away. In the past, American tourists would visit the estate to meet the Queen. Now, the Queen hosts her annual Ghillies Ball in the castle ballroom, where guests can enjoy Scottish dancing. The Queen and the British royal family will be joined by the neighbours to share a good time together.

Queen Elizabeth has made several trips to the Scottish castle in recent years. This ersatz castle sits on 50,000 acres of Highlands west of Aberdeen. This is where the royal family spends their summers, and where life south of the border is calmer. However, her presence on the ball this year may have disturbed the calmness at Balmoral, where she has tended to be the most relaxed and contented monarch.

The royals are always present at the ball, and Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge have been known to attend. However, social distancing limits the activities at Balmoral. In August, the staff of the castle formed a “Balmoral bubble” on the estate. In this bubble, they traveled from Windsor to the estate and self-isolated for two weeks before joining the rest of the royal family.

Social distancing restrictions

The recent coronavirus outbreak has made social distancing restrictions at the annual ball at Balmoral for members of the royal family unavoidable. The Queen and Prince Philip have spent nearly six weeks at the royal estate, and the recent ban on social gatherings has forced them to cut their visit short. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip spent two weeks at Sandringham last month, and have returned to Windsor Castle on Tuesday. Prince Philip is still on his Wood Farm, where he has been living since he retired from public life in 2017.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the most recent royals to have social distancing restrictions at the annual ball. While they are currently self-isolated in Canada, the Queen and Prince Philip took their four children to Balmoral every summer during their childhood, and now invite their grandchildren to the estate during their summer break. Meghan and Harry may have been able to catch up on some “lost” time, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aren’t expected to join them.

Although Queen Elizabeth II’s trip to Scotland will reportedly still be unavoidable, the Queen’s visit to Scotland is likely to follow the social distancing rules. Her visits to Scotland are scheduled to be limited to two households at a time, and the Queen has requested that only eight people be permitted inside the castle at a time. As a result, social distancing restrictions and strict hygiene measures will continue to be in place.

Queen’s health

Every year, the Queen and the royal family host the Ghillies Ball at Balmoral Castle to honor the members of their staff and community. The event takes place just before the Queen returns to London in October, and the royals invite members of the public and estate staff to attend. Here are five fun facts about the royal ball. All You Know About the Royal Family Annual Ghillies Ball at Balmoral

The ball takes place in a beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands, and the Queen brings her knighting sword each year. Despite this change in tradition, Balmoral is still a royal hotspot for the Royal Family, and the castle is now open for private events. The Ghillies Ball has traditionally been held in the Ballroom of the castle, and the Queen’s personal chef, Darren McGrady, told the BBC that it was “different” this year due to the health and safety issues.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert purchased Balmoral in 1852, and in September of that year, they hosted their first Ghillies Ball. They named the ball the Ghillies Ball, as “ghill” means “gamekeeper,” and the shoes used for Scottish country dancing are called ghillies. Later reigns of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth continued the tradition. The Ghillies Ball has since evolved into a spectacular event that attracts a throng of people from around the world.

In the summer of 2022, the Queen is likely to visit Balmoral, a country estate in the Scottish Highlands. The place is renowned for its tranquility, which may be disturbed by the ongoing Tory leadership battle or the succession talk in Westminster. In fact, this summer will be Queen Elizabeth’s last year at Balmoral, and the Queen’s absence will be a highly divisive issue for the Royal Family.


The Queen attends the Ghillies Ball every year at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. She invites her family, friends, and estate staff to attend. Guests are invited to dance the Scottish reels and drink punch. The ball is filmed for a documentary produced 20 years later. Princess Diana and Princess Anne attended the ball as guests of honor. They wore the famous tiaras of the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland and enjoyed the party.

The GHILLIES BALL is a tradition started by Queen Victoria in 1852. Guests are invited to socialize with the Queen and her staff and enjoy dancing the night away. The ball was postponed in 2014 because of the Scottish independence referendum, which was won by the people of Scotland, though the Queen had intended to celebrate her newfound independence. Guests can now attend the Ghillies Ball and dance with the Queen and the British royal family in style.

The ball is a highlight of any Royal Family visit to Scotland. The ball takes place in Balmoral Castle, a castle of the royal family. There are several tickets available for this special event. The cost of the Royal Family’s annual ball is approximately $23,000 per person. The price includes food and alcohol. Guests can enjoy the ball for two or three hours. However, if you’re interested in attending the event, you must make reservations in advance.

The Queen’s favourite Scottish home, Balmoral Castle is also the Royals’ favorite retreat. She typically spends August to October there, and often invites the extended Royal Family to attend. The Queen has already paid a brief visit to Balmoral ahead of the Platinum Jubilee weekend in 2022. In addition to the ghillies ball, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip also own all the whales and dolphins in Britain.

Queen’s favorite activities while at Balmoral

Some of the Queen’s favourite activities while on holiday at Balmoral are listed below:

One of the most famous royal traditions is the Ghillies Ball, which is held every year at the castle. The Queen is often photographed howling with laughter in these photos. Prince Philip also used to cook for the Queen while at Balmoral, and the Queen would set the table herself. She doesn’t employ staff to wait on her. The Royal Family members at Balmoral are not only members of the royal family, but also regular visitors. Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York have even been known to take a break while at the castle. And even the British prime minister makes a trip to the castle every summer. In one such visit, Tony Blair recalled washing up for the Queen.

Guests are allowed to take pictures of the estate, and Queen Elizabeth has made it a tradition to allow them to do so. She wanted to make Kate Middleton feel comfortable while at Balmoral, so she allowed guests to snap pictures of her. In fact, the Queen was aware that Middleton was an avid amateur photographer. The Queen’s favorite activities while at Balmoral are listed below. If you are looking for a royal getaway, the estate is a fantastic choice.

Aside from royal visits, the Queen has hosted many close family members and friends. She has hosted Prince William and Duchess Kate, who spent the summer with the Queen at Balmoral. The royal family has enjoyed spending time at Balmoral together, and the Queen often invites friends and family over for a staycation. So how do they spend their time? By going on a picnic with their friends or catching a game of tennis, of course.

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